GnuCash Template for Harland Clarke Laser 417 Checks

So this is kinda random, but I needed a template to make these checks work with GnuCash.  So if some other lazy soul wants to use it, here it is 🙂

Guid = c226b43c-1e06-417d-a191-e3e78a789341
Title = Harland Clarke Laser 417 Checks

[Check Positions]
Height = 250.0
Names = Top;Middle;Bottom

[Check Items]
Type_1 = PAYEE
Coords_1 = 75.0;95.0

Coords_2 = 500.0;102.0

Coords_3 = 75.0;120.0;

Type_4 = ADDRESS
Coords_4 = 75.0;190.0

Type_5 = MEMO
Coords_5 = 60.0;200.0

To make it work, copy that into file called laser417.chk and drop it in ~/.gnucash/checks

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