Building a Custom OpenVZ Template

One of the things I’ve thought would be handy for much too long was setting up a custom template for my virtual machines.  I don’t do anything too crazy, but I use LDAP and some other utilities that I continually have to setup and configure on every machine.  The ultimate in convenience would be to create a new virtual machine and have all the environment specific config done, so I can get right into building it out.  Creating a template sounds like a headache, but I found it to be actually quite simple.  Here’s my take on the template creation process.


Robo as a PHP Task Runner

One of the things I ran into when developing The Storehouse was the need for a task runner that fit into my weird style of development.  I’m not really a fan of having multiple tools that do the same thing, so consolidating all of my dependencies into Composer was a goal of mine once I started needing task runners. At first, I started off using Gulp and Node.js to do task running.  This worked, and worked well, but I wasn’t ever super thrilled with having to have npm installed on my system for one job.  As well, it introduced a completely new set of dependencies for development, which could be problematic if anyone ever wanted to contribute.