My Personal Burnout

I suffered a pretty hard burn out a couple of years ago. I ended up changing jobs, and only then did I realize just how exhausted I was. I wanted to share my experience, what happened, how I think it could have been prevented, and remind everybody that their mental well being important. Quick Disclaimer: I’m not writing this to place any blame on what happened. This was mostly the result of circumstances beyond anyone’s control, so no one really is at fault....

March 17, 2021

A New Site

I’m not a huge fan of meta posts, but this seemed like a fairly major change so I’m making one. I’ve updated my site to use Hugo rather than Wordpress. Wordpress is nice and all, but it’s fairly complex for this site and with horror stories of rouge plugins, I didn’t feel it was the best choice. Also, the new static site is a lot faster and a lot easier to work with, so those are also added bonuses....

March 13, 2021

GNUCash Template for Harland Clarke Laser 417 Checks

So this is kinda random, but I needed a template to make these checks work with GnuCash. So if some other lazy soul wants to use it, here it is :) [Top] Guid = c226b43c-1e06-417d-a191-e3e78a789341 Title = Harland Clarke Laser 417 Checks [Check Positions] Height = 250.0 Names = Top;Middle;Bottom [Check Items] Type_1 = PAYEE Coords_1 = 75.0;95.0 Type_2 = AMOUNT_NUMBER Coords_2 = 500.0;102.0 Type_3 = AMOUNT_WORDS Coords_3 = 75.0;120.0; Type_4 = ADDRESS Coords_4 = 75....

July 31, 2018

A Memory Leak Visualized

Graph of free memory on a node with a leaking piece of software.

March 9, 2017

Mountains to Metros

A scenario for Locomotion, that old train game from the same guy who made Roller Coaster Tycoon. Your goal is to create a transportation network moving valuable resources out of mountains into nearby cities and industries. It’s not great, but I like playing it. Mountains to Metros

January 15, 2017

This Is Why You Need a UPS

September 9, 2016