I’m Andrew, and I’m a software developer and Linux administrator living in Kansas. I work full time in customer support at Platform.sh and help customers with their Linux server issues.

I have a couple of side projects that I work on, which is where most of the motivation for this content comes from. I won’t link to them here to prevent self promotion.

I created this website mainly as a way for me to take notes on things I tend to forget so I can reference them back later. Since I think some of that knowledge may be useful to others, I decided to share it. I also have random musings and other projects that have nothing to do with Software or Linux.

Get In Touch / Hire Me

The best way to get in touch with me is to reach out using a social media link on the home page.

I don’t do freelance work, and I’m not looking for a new job so please don’t message me about either of those things.


If you find anything useful on that site, that’s great! All the content on this site is released under CC BY 4.0 so you can use it elsewhere.

Some code samples have specific copyright blocks as they are part of larger projects, and those copyright blocks supersede the above license.


I respect your privacy, and don’t place any third party tracking or use cookies on this site. The site does utilize local storage, but this is to store if you’ve selected Light Mode or Dark Mode.

I do collect statistics collected by my web server, such as your IP address, user agent, etc.