These are all the large projects I have my hand in.  They’re all open source, and I use this site as the home for them.

The Storehouse

The Storehouse is an open source project hosting service.  It’s my baby and the largest project I maintain.  You can learn more about Storehouse and its part in open source software here.


LetterCarrier is a mail marketing (think MailChip, Constant Contact) bundle for Symfony.  There are not many self hosted mail solutions, and of the self hosted ones only a few are open source.  When developing Storehouse, I wanted to be able to ensure our users were always certain where there personal information was, and disclosing information to third parties felt dishonest, even if we disclosed it plainly in our Privacy Policy.  To combat this, I created LetterCarrier to act as a self hosted solution based on Symfony.  It’s designed to act alongside your app, but a self hosted version is in the plans.

Since this project is still very early in development, I don’t have a link just yet.